May 16, 2010

Disney Parks News Bureau

News Bureau

We've received many questions about this Vinylmation™ figure, which was created by the Disney Parks News Bureau as a special gift. This figure is not considered to be a limited edition, and could be reordered at any time (hence the lack of an edition size on the footstamp of the figure). This figure was designed as a promotional gift and is not available for sale at Disney Parks. Finally, although it is similar to the blue figure found in the Vinylmation™ Clear Series #1, the figure is much darker and is not a re-purposed Clear figure.
Here is a look at the concept art used to create this figure:

Media Relations Concept Art

In other news, we recently spoke with Alex Maher who created the "Stitched Bear" one-of-a-kind Vinylmation™. This was Alex's first one-of-a-kind creation, and he gave us some additional insight into its creation. He spent about 25 hours working on the figure itself; each night he would spend a little bit of time making it come to life. He had two different concepts - one was a clown and one was the stitched bear. He loved how the final design turned out as it looks like a child's toy who has seen lots of love. Way to go, Alex!

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