Jul 20, 2010

Steven Miller [Chapter 02 / 10] - Vinylmation Creation Station Coming to D-Street in Florida

Vinylmation Creation Station

A key part of the Vinylmation experience is creative expression. We want our Guests to express their creativity using the blank Create-Your-Own Vinylmation we offer. So, I am particularly excited to announce a destination for Vinylmation creativity – a specially designed “Vinylmation Creation Station” in D-Street at Downtown Disney WestSide in Florida.

The table being used for this Create-Your-Own Station will measure approximately 6’ by 6’ (now that’s a big table!). Under the glass table top, Guests will see a variety of Vinylmation 3” figures arranged to make a stunning backdrop for creative expression. Any guesses as to how many figures were used? I’ll tell you at the end of this article.

Vinylmation Creation Station

I’ve discussed before on the Disney Parks Blog some ways in which you can create your own unique Vinylmation masterpiece. With this new station, Guests will be able to create something before leaving the new Vinylmation mothership, D-Street.

Once a blank Vinylmation is purchased (they are offered in a variety of colors and sizes), Guests can stop by the Vinylmation Creation Station. Then it is “go crazy time” — draw on it, have friends and family sign it, keep track of the places you visit during your Disney vacation. Express your “inner Vinylmation” however you see fit. Seriously, it is pretty easy to do. Check out this creation that Donald Ferro, developer for Vinylmation made, using a white Vinylmation 3” figure and some eyes.

Create-Your-Own Vinylmation

In the months to come, you will find a variety of stickers, gems and other items to use for decorating your blank Vinylmation. We are even working on some “pre-designed” Vinylmation figure that will have designs printed on the figures (imagine a giant 3-D coloring book).

Create-Your-Own Vinylmation

If the three-dimensional form is a little intimidating to start, you can download a blank two-dimensional template on Vinylmation.com (templates are in .PDF format). They are a great way to practice your skills.

I can’t wait to have my son make a unique Vinylmation at this station. He has always loved making masks at KidCot in Epcot so I’m sure he’ll love this area. And if Donald can make one, perhaps I should try too (most likely mine will look like something from “Tron” or maybe “Condorman”).
Oh, the number of Vinylmation 3” figures used in the table … 782. Did you guess correctly?

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