May 17, 2011

Vinylmation Announcements for May 2011

Cars 2

Oh today is an exciting day in Vinylmation-land. We have all sorts of announcements that we hope you will like. 

First, the image above is the "Cars 2" set that we recently displayed at D-Street in Florida for the Car Masters Weekend (by the way, we hope you were able to attend the weekend). Contrary to popular belief, these figures are NOT part of a larger collection. The series will be sold in a two-figure set (with background) - similar to the infamous Wall-E and Eve set released in January 2010. The major difference is that this set is open edition. Stay tuned for a release date as it is coming soon. 

Cast Chasers

Second, the Cast Chasers we first told you about at the Vinylmation Showcase event in August 2010 are being released soon (please don't start looking for them today!). We are distributing the figures to locations in Florida this week. Why Floriday only? These two figures complement the Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary figures. Don't worry - we are working on Cast Chaser figures that will be introduced to the Disneyland® Resort. 

So what are Cast Chasers? These 3-inch figures will be distributed to Cast Members to use for trading with guests. The figures will not be available for retail, nor will they be sold via the on-line store. The only way to add the figures to your collection is via trading. The figures do not have a finite production number similiar to their open edition retail counterparts. Give us about a week or so and you may start finding these figures while trading Vinylmation with Cast. 

Super Cute!!

Finally, we have some really exciting news about a new series being released at the Disney Stores on June 6. The limited release mystery series is called Cutesters Like You and we hope, like us, that you will love it! There will be 11 known figures and one mystery chaser figure. Each figure will have a retail of $9.95 (or you can purchase a whole tray to get the entire set). The figures were designed by Disney artist Dan Beltran. Stay tuned for additional looks and information about the figures in this new series.

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