Jun 2, 2011

Vinylmation Bakery Series to be Released Tomorrow!

This new collection once was planned to be a limited edition set. Once we saw the figures, the decision was made to change it to an open window box with no limit on production (please note that the packaging still has the "limited edition" call out). The figures will be released on June 3 at the D-Street locations in California and Florida. 

Today we have a look at the packaging and some of the figures. 

Bakery Box

Bakery Box

Susan Foy created the artwork for these figures. You may recall her work on the Disneyland® 55th Anniversary - 9-inch figures released in July 2010. 

Here is a look at three of the figures "covered" in frosting.

Bakery Figures

You can remove their frosting to reveal their true character.

Mickey Mouse

After writing this, all we can say is...


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