Jul 26, 2011

Room for 1 More - The Haunted Mansion 3-inch Vinylmation with Exclusive Ear Hat

Here is a closer look at the 3-inch figure created for the upcoming Room For 1 More event in Florida. It will be packaged with a limited edition Disney Ear Hat.

Any Volunteers? 

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  1. Quynh & Monty- I just wantedto again say Thank U to the both of you, in taking time to sign the beautifulpieces of art work that my 11yr old son Vinny was able and grateful to attain. The pieces really add to his collection of Haunted Mansion in his themed HM bedroom "stretching room" that I created for him over this past summer. Also, thank you for allowing him to share our personal story of my youngest son and his brother who is awaiting a stomach and intestinal transplant.(My son Vinny was dressed with a costume he put together as the Hatbox Ghost). To follow our journey ,please check out his website forhis brother that he created at :www.aftft.com

    Monica Forte/Lancaster- PA


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