Nov 4, 2011

Alice in Wonderland series released today

Alice in Wonderland

Today, it is all about the new Vinylmation™ - Alice in Wonderland series! 

D-Street locations in California and Florida will be releasing this series on November 4 and 5 respectively. The Disney Store locations will also be releasing this series on November 4. If are unable to visit any of these locations, then mark your calendar for November 11 as that is when the series will be released via the

For those who are attending the release at D-Street at Downtown Disney West Side in Florida, Disney will be releasing three one-of-a-kind custom figures tomorrow. Each figure will have a retail of $1,000. They were designed by some incredibly talented artists.

Queen of Hearts

First, a 9-inch figure designed by Julie West from San Fransisco, California. The figure features a stylized Queen of Hearts presented in Julie's unique art style.

White Rabbit

This is a 9-inch figure designed by Jeff Lamm featuring the White Rabbit. Jeff hails from Ohio and created a one-of-a-kind Vinylmation figure earlier this past year featuring a pirate.

Our last figure was designed by Lana Crooks and also features the White Rabbit. Lana is from Chicago, Illinois and the figure she designed looks awesome. It comes complete with a small pocket watch.

White Rabbit

These figures will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis at D-Street in Florida on November 4.
Disney caught up with Thomas Scott on the eve of the release of this series. Thomas was the sole artist who designed the figures and packaging for this series. He shared with us a little history behind the creation of it. 

"The 'Alice in Wonderland' series was planned to be an extension of the Animation series," explained Thomas. "We thought there could be certain features that could have an individual series. Alice was in Animation series one so I built upon that design. The animated feature has long been a favorite of mine and I am happy to see it come to life." 

Oyster Baby

Thomas said his favorite figure in the series is the Oyster Baby as he loves that scene in the film. It was one of the first figures that he created for this series. He spoke of the other characters selected for the series. 

"I wanted a good balance of characters for this series," continued Thomas. "The film offers a whole array of characters so I selected some of the more popular ones and some characters who I never see on merchandise."

Tray Inside
Thomas also designed the packaging.

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